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Program Specialist


Program Specialist:

The Program Specialist understands customer expectations and works to build a profitable program to satisfy the customer. This person will generally be involved with the project from beginning to end. They will be responsible for creating policy for the program. There is no intent to hand off the project once the project has moved onto production. The Program Specialist is entirely project focused as no other role is within the hierarchy.

Pay: $45,000 – $70,000

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Program Specialist will be responsible for:

  • creating a vision of the project.
  • the entire project intake process.
  • understanding customer initial expectations as well as changing customer needs
  • Working with the Program Director in creating the customer facing project documentation and SOWs.
  • vetting change requests to understand cost and project impact.
  • developing project plan.
  • conducting a cost evaluation.
  • cost oversight.
  • creating project policy
  • Order Coordinator project specific training.
  • quality review of installations, e.g installs yesterday or last night.
  • review of all data collected during the execution of this project.
  • ensuring quality checks are a standard part of process.
  • direct oversight of project specific tasking.
  • creating the inventory ordering and stocking process to be used by the Fulfillment department.
  • training Order coordinators on customer nuance.
  • working with the Salesperson to manage overall customer expectations. 


  • Likes to build things
  • Problem solver; identifies problems and solves them
  • Does not like loose ends.
  • Likes to capture details.
  • Likes to build plans and consider eventualities.
  • Strong analytical skills, with an ability to see problems from various perspectives to develop creative solutions.
  • Must be service-oriented and very patient.
  • Must have good written and verbal skills, with the ability to write process documents and host meetings.
  • Capacity for high productivity.
  • Deal with pressure and deadlines – good stress management.
  • Able to work odd hours.
  • Driven to follow-up.
  • Strong Customer relations skills.
  • Understanding of complex systems and supply chains.
  • Strong change management skills.


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